Our Firm

Bayırlı & Muratoğlu Law Firm (“BM Law Firm”) is founded by Elif Tezcan Bayırlı and P. Şila Muratoğlu, both members of the Istanbul Bar Association.

As a boutique firm founded by two qualified partners with dense experience and skilled outside advisers, BM Law Firm’s philosophy is focused on providing to the clients efficient, diligent and timely work accompanied with a strong dedication in assisting the clients to reach their business goals. BM Law Firm is offering legal services in Turkish, English and French languages to various local and international clients active in a wide range of sectors, as well as contributing to global organizations’ projects such as “Doing Business Projects” of IFC – The World Bank, from which it has acquired “The Doing Business Award” in recognition of three years of partnership.

BM Law Firm’s scope of legal services focuses on, in particular, specialized professional expertise areas, as briefly listed hereunder:

Giving legal opinion and consultancy services on matters of

  • Commercial Law,
  • Foreign Investment Law,
  • Corporate Law,
  • Intellectual Property Law,
  • Competition Law,
  • Labor Law,
  • Real Estate Law,
  • Civil Law,
  • Law of Obligations,
  • Insurance Legislation,
  • Pharmaceutical Legislation,
  • Environmental Legislation,
  • Capital Markets Legislation,
  • Tenants Legislation,
  • Transportation Legislation, etc.

Drafting of and negotiating all kinds of agreements and legal papers as well as giving legal opinion on existing agreements and documents;

Handling of all kinds of legal formalities in relation to mergers and acquisitions such as the preparation and negotiation of all related agreements including but not limited to Shareholders and Share Purchase Agreements, Joint-Venture Agreements and complementary agreements such as escrow agreements, pledge agreements, share pledges and other commercial agreements that may be required depending on the nature and scope of the transaction, as well as the completion of structural closing formalities including the acquisition of the clearance of the Turkish Competition Board, actual delivery of shares, change of company management, etc.;

Preparing “Data Room” for sell side or conducting “Legal Due Diligence” for buy side in an M&A project;

Acquirement of distressed debts, assignment of receivables and establishment of other securities and encumbrances;

Finance structuring;

Handling of legal aspects of company incorporations and liquidation of existing companies, branches, liaison offices;

Drafting of, giving legal opinion on and negotiating various agreements for the business of the company, such as distribution agreements, franchise agreements, supply agreements, lease agreements, employment agreements, management agreements, etc.;

Handling of ordinary legal formalities of the company, such as general assembly meetings, board resolutions, signature circulars, capital increases, amendment of articles of associations of the company, etc.;

Dispute resolution;

Translation of all kinds of documents into English, Turkish and French.


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